Thursday, November 30, 2006


Learning is an important part of the socialization process, and Media serve as the main sources of information. According to Croteau and Hoynes, the media have powerful effects on both individuals and cultures. Because of the emergence of Media, we can communicate conveniently. Communication has always been essential to human survival. The Media offer a great number of topics to the masses ranging from politics to public affairs. Among all the media, TV acts as primary information sources for many age groups, especially children and teenagers (Downing, 2004). The popularity of television has never faded since it was invented. It now has become an indispensable part of modern life. No doubt, television has many positive effects. On the whole, it is education, instructive, and entertaining. However, television has its drawbacks, too (DeFleur & Dennis, 2002). For example, once addicted to some fascinating programs, viewers may neglect their work. Besides, children and adults alike may imitate the unrealistic, destructive acts from the programs rife with violence and sex. Concerns relating to media exposure are most sensitive when children are involved. Because young children lack intellectual development, the exposure to the children may have greater influence than the parents do (Dominick, 2002). This paper mainly focus on the advertisements, News coverage of suicide cases, animated cartoon, political call-in shows, movies and music on TV. Public concern over children’s exposure to violence and sex in the media is not new. Thus, the research further explores other aspects of effects concerning social skills, academic achievement, antisocial behaviors and physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The scope of this research is focused on the junior college students in Wenzao.


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